How it Works

For a successful vegetable fundraiser, you will need:
  • This is a NEW Farm to School Program. Any past information/log in is obsolete. Please create a new login.
  • To register your school or daycare for the fundraiser AND pick a delivery date.
  • Sales! A minimum of $800 in orders is required. Encourage friends, family, community and others to purchase for personal use or a donation to a local food bank.
  • A great team of volunteers and/or parents who can unload the vegetables from the truck as well as sort/pack them into the reusable bags so they are ready for distribution ** Note: only 1 reusable bag per bundle order is provided**
  • Volunteers that can lift at least 50lbs. Vegetables will arrive in 50lb bags. The driver of the delivery truck is not able to help with unloading of the truck due to liability issues.
  • Adequate space to receive and sort the vegetables; trolleys or carts may be needed for high volume orders
  • Parents to help the children and students take the vegetable bundles home on the scheduled delivery date in order to pass them along to those who purchased from them
  • Ability to follow current public health guidelines for gathering limits and social distancing when planning out the vegetable assembly and distribution process
How it Works
  1. Enroll your group *Note: There is a minimum of $800 in orders required.
  2. Decide if you are going to allow ordering from others in the community If you select yes – others within the community can order and pickup directly from the school/daycare. Others within the community can also order donation bundles that will be delivered to the food bank. All community orders will be included in your fundraising total.
  3. Setup your school/daycare Enter the mailing address and delivery address where the vegetables will be delivered and the contact information for the main contact for the fundraiser. Make sure to check “I agree” in order to receive future communication from Peak of the Market and Farm to School.
  4. Pick your delivery date Once your enrollment has been confirmed pick your delivery date. Online orders close 7 business days prior to delivery. Your delivery date can be changed by editing your delivery date under your school/daycare info. It can be changed up to the time it is approved. If you want to change it after it has been approved, please contact
  5. Organize your fundraiser Set timelines for participating students/children to promote the fundraiser. Promote your fundraiser throughout the fundraising period. Encourage those who are interested in purchasing vegetables to go online and purchase through your respective fundraising group.
  6. Online ordering Click on shop and add your products to your cart. Check out when ready to pay. Select the Province, School/Daycare and enter the child’s name that is responsible for your order. If you will be picking up directly from the School/Daycare, select Support School. Enter billing and payment information and review order.
  7. Vegetable Delivery On your selected delivery date the product will arrive at your school/daycare. Schedule your volunteers to unload the vegetables from the delivery truck when it arrives. Vegetables will arrive in 50lb bags. Volunteers will need to sort out the bags of vegetables into Bundles A or B and bagged within the shopping bags provided (one reusable bag per bundle)
    *Delivery arrival times will be provided by a third-party hired trucking company the day of delivery.
    **Note: the driver cannot assist in unloading the vegetables due to liability issues**
  8. Vegetable bundle assembly Plan for volunteers to assemble the vegetable bundles for distribution to those who purchased. It is helpful to have an assembly line for each bundle size starting with the included shopping bags, and then potatoes with the other veggies on top.
    BUNDLE A: 2lb carrots, 2lb onions, 5lb potatoes and one recipe booklet
    BUNDLE B: 3lb carrots, 3lb onions, 10lb potatoes, 1lb parsnips, one cabbage and one recipe booklet
    *Follow current public health guidelines for gathering limits and social distancing when planning out the vegetable assembly process at your school/daycare
  9. Bundle distribution Distribute the freshly packed vegetable bundles to those who placed orders online.
    *Remember some community members will pick up direct from the school/daycare if you allowed community members to order online.
  10. CONGRATULATE your amazing students, children, and volunteers for a successful fundraiser!